Late night knitting

There’s been no time for making things lately. Sick kids, work, study, family life… I’ve snatched a few moments by staying up a little late. I have an idea I feel compelled to bring to life.

I’ll try to fit in a bit more knitting tomorrow and see where I can get to. Off to sleep now though.



The hottie project

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been making hot water bottle covers with a little help from my Mum and my sweet boy.


These are for the hottie project, organised by Big Little. A huge pile of snuggly hottie covers will be given to keep children in Christchurch warm this winter, as they continue to recover from the earthquake that occurred in early 2011.

I made two hottie covers.

One is made from an old favourite grey lambswool jumper I bought at Uniqlo in Japan. It’s a jumper I wore constantly for a couple of years, during a time of my life I remember fondly. I’ve enjoyed turning it into something new and useful.


It’s embellished with a wee ladybug, one of a set I initially made for Master A’s playhouse.

That project has languished, as I realised Master A is much more interested in creating his own space than having me decorate it for him. So I was very happy to sneak one ladybug for this project.


The back is closed with a blue button and crocheted loop.


The other cover is made from a rusty red Ashley Fogel merino sweater that I op-shopped from a favourite local spot.


It features crocheted snowflakes. They were such a pleasure to make, and quite addictive. I can see more snowflakes in my future.

Master A did ask if I could make him a snowflake…. a race-car snowflake. I need to ponder how to achieve that!


This has been a lovely project to take part in. I have loved keeping an eye on Big Little’s updates to the project. There are so many warm-hearted crafters out there, and it turns out that the humble hottie cover is a blank canvas for a multitude of creative, beautiful ideas. I hope two children are a little cosier for my small effort.


Flying a flag

Master A is fascinated with the patriotic flagpole in Nana and Grandad’s garden. Usually it flies New Zealand’s Southern Cross and Union Jack.

But we have another idea.


I cut a flag-shaped panel from one of his Dad’s old shirts and Master A spent some time decorating it with paintbrush then handprints.


I will sew a backing and some loops onto it then, next time we have a chance to visit Nana and Grandad on a fine day, it will fly!


What wild land will the neighbours thinking we are showing our support for?


Sewing with Nana

I asked my Mum to help me by sewing up a couple of hot water bottle covers while I did some embroidery. Master A was fascinated.


He pulled up a chair next to the sewing machine, watched the bobbin intently and asked lots of questions. He did plenty of pinning.


I love seeing the easy companionship and rich experiences he has with his grandparents.

Snowflakes and starfish

I’ve been experimenting with crochet, a craft that’s new to me.

I’ve made snowflakes, which are just beautiful, and I can see they will be a great addition to many projects.

I’m using them to decorate a gorgeous red hottie cover. More to come on that soon.

I’ve also used one as the centrepiece for something I’ve been wanting to figure out for a long time – a crocheted rock. It’s a strange but, I think, lovely combination. Hard, cold rock snuggled up in a delicate, wooly covering.


A very fun experiment. The crochet fits the rock like a glove because it is designed around the rock itself. The back took a couple of tries, but in the end I settled for a simple starfish shape, clinging on and holding everything together nicely.


I’m finding so little time for making things these days. It’s a pleasure to complete something this beautiful. But now my knitting is neglected because I want to keep working on my crochet skills! What to do?

Fiddly fingers

My brother asked for black fingerless gloves for his birthday.


I used this simple pattern. I’m glad they’re finished – they weren’t a joy to make. Plain old stocking stitch and fiddly fingers.

But they are made in a glorious black cashmere merino blend, and they feel incredibly light and warm when they are worn. They really feel like they will suit my brother, so I’m delighted with them now they are done. Hard to photograph though!


Snuggly sweaters

I went op-shopping during the week to find some soft woolen sweaters to make into hot water bottle covers. I want to make a couple to contribute to the Hottie Project being organised by Big Little to keep Christchurch children warm this winter.

A successful trip! I found a men’s blue cashmere cardigan, absolutely soft and snuggly but much too beautiful to take to with the scissors. I’ve passed it on to Mr M for his (semi-ironic) geeky cardi collection and I plan to borrow it often. It’s my best op-shop find in ages and an absolute steal for $5.

I also found a gorgeous rusty red merino turtleneck. It’s soft, cuddly and perfect for a hottie cover. It’s also a little too shrunken and misshapen to be wearable so I don’t feel bad about cutting it up.

Linking up (for the first time ever – nervous!) with Op Shop Show-off.


Sunshine and Wellington Gumboots

Some days I want to write down almost everything Master A says so I have a record of how wild and funny he is.

A game we are currently enjoying is ‘You smell like…’

As in, ‘you smell like pillows and coffee and television and helicopters…and… wellington gumboots!’ or ‘you smell like books and shoes and toast and tissues and towels.’ This game can go on for quite a while. All said in a slightly odd accent that I suspect has been picked up from watching a few too many episodes of Peppa Pig.

Well, you smell like sunshine and apples and mischief and gorgeousness my darling boy.


Lazy Monday

I’m having a sleepy, lazy Monday at home with the kids.

The perfect opportunity to start recording small moments from our lives that may otherwise disappear, forgotten as next week and next month’s busyness replace today’s and the children grow bigger both imperceptibly and suddenly.

Miss M in her new Gatsby inspired bonnet.


Master A treating our neighbourhood to some nude window washing, standing on the back of the sofa in the living room. I must note that we live on one of the busiest streets in our city!